Wild Spy Pty Ltd

A telemetry company that listens.

The Wild Spy team comprises ecologists, conservation biologists, and engineers. The combination of these disciplines ensures that not only do we understand the challenges of ecological research, we can also provide technical expertise and guidance for devising wildlife monitoring programs. We know that every project is different and requires different solutions. Our commitment to our customers is that we will work with you to whatever extent is needed to ensure the products we deliver will play their required role in answering your research questions.

Our team. Who are we?

Wild Spy is very passionate about developing wildlife monitoring technology that will make a difference in the industry. We are achieving this by providing products and relevant advice that enable researchers and managers to gather the data they need. We believe our biggest asset is our ability to problem solve and invent novel solutions. We are not your run-of-the-mill telemetry company.

Image: Director Rob Appleby, engineer Matthew Cochrane and sales manager Geoff Carrey at EcoTas 2013 in Auckland.