A Trapless Monitoring System for Small Animals

Determining the presence and movement patterns of small mammals in a specific area can be labour intensive, time consuming and costly. Wild Spy's RFID tunnel combines RFID detection with high quality camera trapping, for an automated data collection system in a field proven and cost efficient format.


Once RFID-tagged animals move within the device, the unique ID is recorded along with a date and time stamp, this data is then stored on board for later retrieval or can be sent via remote upload in an email to the researcher. The tunnel is perfect for use in conjunction with baits and scents, and a trail camera can easily be integrated into the housing for visual identification.


  • Picture shown is complete unit including battery
  • Two RFID antennas, one on each entrance
  • Camera trap included
  • Bait compartment
  • RFID tags are the only practical tracking option for the smallest of animals
  • RFID tags are passive and do not require a battery to run

Side View

RFID Antenna


General Specs

Item Value
Tunnel Internal Diameter 100mm
Battery Voltage 12V
Current Draw 88mA for two antenna system
Battery 12Ah 6V Sealed Lead Acid
Deployment Time

2 antennas on a 26Ah 12V battery

5.6 days

Larger battery banks for longer deployment times can be provided

Compatible Tags

HDX and FDX-B Tags (134.2kHz)

In-tunnel Camera Trap

Captures stills, video or both

5 Mega Pixel, 800x600 video

Inbuilt 940nm infrared illumination

Runs on 4 or 8 AA batteries

Battery life dependent on camera capture mode and sensitivity

Can expect 100+ captures in snapshot mode over 2 weeks on alkaline batteries